Top Graphic Design Series / China 2015

Top Graphic Design Series Brochure Layout III,
Hightone Publishing,
Long Hua, Bao An district,
China (2015);


Brochure is very common in daily life. Layout is the necessary element in the application of brochure and magazine, book, etc. Through different layout design, readers can know that the contents are serious or casual; the colors are bright or light. The aim of layout design is to make it easier for readers to understand, and to bring a sense of beauty. Layout design includes the letters’ arrangement, fonts’ size, graphs’ typesetting form, and the use of layout of ornaments, etc. Fine layout design is good to see, it can arouse the readers’ interest. Layout design is one of the art designs, it combines the visual elements such as letter, color and graphic diagram to make the layout become more plentiful, novel, beautiful, reasonable, and personalized. It promotes the communication of readers and layout, stimulates readers’ aesthetic taste. Letter is the protagonist. During design, it not only needs to consider the letter’s size that suitable to the content or not, but also needs to consider the size changes of letter. Illustration can increase the reader’s interest; it is a visual supplement for the content. Illustration should insert to the content according to the text’s structure. Good layout design is a platform for the designer’s creative conception; it integrates more creative ideas and design information by various visual elements; it touches the theme through surface shape and visual sense. This edition, covers preeminent brochure & layout designs of multinational talented designers and high-level studios, aims to show the mainstream design idea and trend, to provide an appreciation and communication platform for the international design-lovers. With the focus on the originality, to show you lots of aesthetics brochure & layout designs, including pure, colorful, simple, complex, straightforward and elegant ones. To make you to obtain a sense of visual beauty from the charming brochure & layout designs.