Open Projects for iPad

Open Projects
Non standard identities

A book by
Cristina Chiappini
e Silvia Sfligiotti

First digital book from Pyramyd Editions, represents a real phenomenon in the world of interaction and digital publications.

The application is a stroll to the heart of contemporary design, from Amsterdam to Montreal.

It presents flexible and open projects in which the general public often plays an active part. Many fields are concerned such: typeface design, viral communication, interactive exhibitions and many more…

Based on the notion of interaction itself, Open Projects is aimed at a wide range of design professionals and design lovers. It invites them to discover innovative projects via an exciting journey, full of surprises: texts, pictures, but also animations, videos, audio files and embedded websites.

More than 50 contemporary projects of visual design

More than 800 pictures
*More than 46 zooms and interactive slideshows
*20 videos
*10 sound lectures
More than 80 embedded websites
*2 3D animations

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