The Uterus is ours and the government controls it

Poster for the exihibition “Stanze” (Rooms) organized from AIAP Italian Association of Communication Design.

I developed the theme of the room as intimate space of the uterus (the mental space and physical space), put the feminist slogan “The uterus is mine and I do what I want with it” of the seventies, and I have coined a new ironic slogan that reflects the current situation in Italy: “The uterus is ours and the government controls it.”

Foto per gentile concessione della Rivista Effe – Settimanale di Controinformazione al Femminile, Mensile Femminista Autogestito. Foto di Agnese de Donato, tratta dalla Rivista Effe, anno IV n. 5 maggio 1976