IdN Magazine: Maximalism / Hong Kong 2014

IdN Magazine: Maximalism
IdN v21 n5
IdN Magazine v. 21 n.5 publishes a section dedicated to the work of Cristina Chiappini.

“A good design is the one that feels so attentive to customer needs, suggesting solutions and sustainable changes, but also saying no to unrealistic demands. Good design is what shows care and respect to an audience. Good design is also dissent and irreverence that elicits positive or negative emotions. A result of good design can be like a good road sign that is very readable.”

The Italian graphic and new media designer Cristina Chiappini has always been considered a pioneer of Italian web design. She studied graphic design at the European Institute of Design in Rome and began her work as a freelancer in 1989, working for private companies, as well as public clients in the fields of publishing, corporate design, web and interactive media.

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